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Following a break from blogging I have joined the staff at Menstuff and relaunched my own blog. I am thrilled to be returning to blogging although the break was quite nice too. Tomorrow begins a new month and with it one of the best gacha events on the grid, Arcade. Also the new hunts starting will enable me to reopen my currently hunting section soon and I am still in the process of changing the focus of the blog to one that fits more with my current SL interests and passions. I would expect considerable activity over the next month as I overhaul things. Coming soon, an urban casual look featuring A&D and Lavarock, and an under 75L shirt from a friend of mine currently on sale on MP. If you have seen me around SL, there is a great chance you saw me wearing it! That's all for now, time to go back to work.-----WHC Riler

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