Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Note From Your Humble Blogmonkey

Hello everyone. When I began This Scavenging Life I did so because there was an unserved need for male oriented freebie blogs, and I took it upon myself to make a difference and help fill that need. Eventually, I joined Fab Free, a period in my SL I am extremely proud of. Now, I have moved on to another of my all time favorite Second Life Institutions, Menstuff. The changes to This Scavenging Life will be considerable, partly because I will be more focused on fashion and partly because my SL has become a much more rich and enjoyable experience over these last few years. It is about time This Scavenging Life caught up to me as a person and as an avatar. Originally launched as a freebie blog, I hope to grow this into a Second Lifestyle blog. This should enable me to introduce more of the things that make me smile and love being a resident in SL. In order to do this my old color coding system is gone, replaced by one more fitting with my goals for this website. Instead of color coding the links of items I will be color coding the text of the entries according to the content.

A white text body will indicate a fashion entry nearly always dedicated to men's items. This could be a repost of an entry from Menstuff, or possibly hot new releases from a designer.

A light blue text body will indicate a major item within the post fits my criteria of being 75L or less. These are the posts This Scavenging Life exists for in the first place and I will never abandon my mission to ferret out bargains and freebies wherever I can find them.

A yellow text body indicates alerts! Highly time sensitive posts that require attention immediately. A good example of these are posts about Tellaq's Midnight Mania board. With some extra attention we can help close them to pick up some fantastic free avatar packages.

A purple text body will indicate a post in the lifestyle category, one of the two new additions to This Scavenging Life along with added gacha content. I hope to be able to post about some of the fun to be had on SL along with information about my favorite live performers.

A beige text body will be reserved for entries regarding the blog and the wise words coming directly from our beloved blogmonkey. Seriously!

A green text body indicates an entry about my marketplace gacha store or regarding gachas in general. Keep up to date with events underway while also indulging me in my cheap attempts to plug my own store at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/181147
Thank you if you have purchased merchandise from me, it is the best way I have found to help meet my hunting, blogging and SL expenses and it is appreciated.

That will be the brand new color coding system of the blog, hopefully it will allow you to gather the general content of the post at just a glance. (But it won't hurt if you read it anyway!) That is all I can think of at the moment, have fun and see you on the grid! -----WHC Riler

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