Friday, March 28, 2014

This Blog Is Going Swimmingly!

I intend, as I said previously, to primarily focus on men's items since it's rather hard to find great men's freebies and hunt items; and even more difficult to find a good freebie-oriented blog for men. With that in mind, here is my first women's post! My friend Celise found this in the Mysteries of the Sea hunt recently. For only 5L GOTHIC'S MUSING's Mysterious Mer Avatar is a full mermaid avy with a MESH tail. It even includes an AO and a bubbler to ummm... make bubbles just like a real mermaid. /me chuckles quietly and continues. As I said, it's a full avy so its perfect for the newer residents who haven't got much in the way of mermaid gear, and it looks great! We both think its quite the bargain but as it's a hunt item you have to run and grab it before the hunt ends on April 10th. Hurry, this is a great buy. -----WHC Riler

Celise is wearing - the Mysterious Mer Avatar from GOTHIC'S MUSING. The Mysteries of the Sea hunt gift (5L)
NOTE - If you are new to second life and have never done a hunt before or can't find this hunt prize for the life of you, send me a notecard in world and I will help you out, have fun and please be patient.