Sunday, March 23, 2014

Its Forty Damned Degrees Here, Hello Spring!

I got up this morning flush with excitement.  This winter has been a long, cold one and I have been cooped up here in my survivalist cabin for far too long.  So I put on my new favorite leather jacket, this is a brand new GROUP GIFT from Lavarock, and headed out to meet the day.  Forty degrees Fahrenheit outside, and I swear I learned something I had not realized.  Human nipples chafe against even the softest, most supple leather at that temperature.  I developed first degree nipple burn which I treated with Neosporin and alcohol, making sure not to spill any of my drink on my injury, because when you look this hawt in a handsome MESH leather jacket the last thing you want people to hear is you screaming like a little girl in agony.  It really mitigates your hawtness, or so I hear.-----WHC Riler

NOTE - The above gift includes a women's version as well!
  Other items from inventory (Skin-Belleza, Hair-Truth, Tattoo-Egoisme, Eyes-Ikon, Necklace-Pomposity, Leather Pants-Immerschoen Man)