Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post-Apocolyptic Dream Date!

Our next guest stays eternally young by prowling the desert wasteland, picking up scrap metal and killing mutants for their fuel credits. He likes long drives in the desert and skinning and cooking rabbits for food. Please give a warm post-apocalyptic welcome to Riot Bayn!!!! Yes ladies, after the nuclear holocaust, after the global war against the undead, even after the mutant uprising that follows, you might still have to date someone. Riot and the remaining horde of mildly-mutated survivors are counting on that. It should come as no surprise to anyone that he already has picked out his clothes for that future event. The rugged-looking MESH vest Riot is wearing is the Menstuff Hunt gift from BROCADE TIGER. It has a fantastic masculine look, and the back is emblazoned with a pair of angel wings, which evoke a vest worn by my favorite character on a great television show. I won't say which one, but a friend once called it a "Soap opera with zombies". I MUTED HER! As worn in the pics, the jacket has been tinted a darker brown, something easily done if needed. I love the look of this vest.

Riot is wearing the Winter Kat Jeans from the Menstuff Hunt gift from NEKOLICIOUS and straight out of the box they are gray but can be tinted as shown here to match other garments. The Winter Kat outfit consists of a bright red MESH holiday sweater, the MESH Winter Kat Jeans (which would be great for most male wardrobes), and a set of animated ears and a tail to complete the neko theme. VESTIGIUM'S Menstuff Hunt prize "Bruises III" contributes the scratches and roughens up Riot's face some, which gives him a very authentic tough-guy look to match his nearly-authentic tough guy attitude. His shirt is a very nicely textured brown long sleeve Henley shirt which is a FREE Christmas Gift from ASHBURY. It looks great whether you choose to wear it alone, or under another item of clothing like a mesh jacket. I own a number of mesh jackets, so an excellent system shirt (layer style clothing) is especially valuable to me. It is available until the end of the month and is a MUST pick up since it can be worn with such versatility.

Riot's ride comes courtesy of SURPLUS MOTORS, and was not free. However, now is the perfect time to mention that both Surplus Motors and KNIGHT PERFORMANCE make fantastic cars, some of which are free group gifts. The level of care and detail in the creation of these cars is evident in the pics. So, even if you can't get tickets to appear on a future episode of Post-Apocalyptic Dream Date, you can look like you belong on the show: rugged, handsome, and able to take care of yourself in a world of unimaginable violence and brutality. You can have that look and still have enough money left over to buy that issue of the National Enquirer you saw at the fuel depot. Oh look! President Kardashian is posing nude again to get the budget through Congress. I always knew she would make a great President.-----WHC Riler