Saturday, March 26, 2016

Going Forward...

I had not planned this but life is full of twists and turns, even a Second Life. With great sadness I have parted ways with Fab Free effective yesterday in order to pursue other interests. One of those interests is this blog, my baby. My often neglected home away from first life, This Scavenging Life will now become my first priority. Also a priority to me though on a personal front is how I can make money either in Second Life or outside of it despite being a world class goof-off however so I would expect to be adding some kind of additional blog to my resume as well shortly. Whatever my lives have in store for me, it is time for me to start moving forward again and I would hope many who read this enjoy This Scavenging Life in the coming months as I rediscover my pride and joy. Below is an excerpt from my final Fab Free post:

"Hello everyone, welcome to my last post as a staff member of Fab Free. I would regale you with the story of how, when I was a new resident over seven years ago, I relied on Fab Free to find great items to pick up, how I would eventually come to idolize Love to an embarrassing extent, how I revered Carson when he was a male blogger here, and how much I wanted to emulate them both. This blog has been more than a hobby; it was hugely important to me in both my first and second lives. Sadly, though, times do change. While my feelings towards Fab Free have not, I do need to step away from my dream job here in order to focus on other matters at hand. It has been beyond fun serving all of you. In the end, that is what we do here at Fab Free, and that what all of us at here have in common. It doesn’t matter where we are, where we have been, or when we were here at this wonderful institution. What we do, we do out of love for all of you. I have re-launched my own blog and will continue posting there when time permits. I leave you with one final thought: Second Life is an amazing adventure if you open yourself to it and allow yourself to be carried away. The trick is finding what you love and focusing on that. My time here has been my greatest adventure so far, and I want to thank all of you for that. Take care and I will see you on the grid.—–WHC Riler"

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Class Act!

(Originally posted to Fab Free this morning)

whc art class 3_001

I was sitting around the coffee shop as I often do, waiting for inspiration to strike me. I would do it at home, but you know that look you get when you think of something smart? Well, I figure if I am ever gonna get that look, I want to make sure someone sees me wearing it! So I was sitting in the coffee shop and suddenly like BOOM! There it was..."The Riler University Of Art!" For only five lindens a class, you can learn from the Masters. (I am only gonna hire people with the last name of Masters to instruct students.) For that small class fee, you will have a unique opportunity to be taught by the best people willing to work for me. You will learn how to use words like "create" which instantly increases the value of a piece of work over one that you "did"! Art can be a very messy and complex area of study, so what better way to learn about it than from people who don't deal in complexities? At The Riler University Of Art, we make art! Or actually, we make you make art. Either way, there is art and you. That is what we are all about.

Above, you can see me preparing for a class. Of all the jobs I have ever had that I could do in a bathrobe, this is truly the most rewarding! Sadly...the most financially rewarding. The masculine looking black bathrobe I am wearing is a free gift from Gothicatz, their Logo Black Robe. Suitable for making coffee to drink in a sunlit breakfast nook, or perhaps to wear while binge watching The Walking Dead in the flickering light of the living room TV, a good robe can be very versatile indeed! This one fits quite well, coming in five sizes. Although it does bear a good amount of logo-ing on its texture, it is a very well made Mesh robe. Stop by Gothicatz and pick it up, a man can accomplish many great things without leaving his favorite bathrobe. Those are truly words to live by.

whc art class 5_001

7 Deadly S{K}ins is one of my all time favorite skin stores on the grid, and for men probably the single most generous one I am aware of. Congratulations to them for reaching their third Anniversary on Second Life! The celebration is now in full swing and all male avies who have not yet joined 7DS should consider doing so right away, as their group join is on sale for only 13L right now. On top of that, Izara has put out the Zyon Anniversary skins you see me wearing in this week's pictures. Included in the 13L box are two skin tones (Cotton and Taupe) with three variations of facial hair for each. As if that isn’t enough, each of those comes with and without hairbase and they even throw in SLINK and OMEGA appliers too! This gift is bursting with goodies and a bargain at only 13L! When you visit 7 Deadly S{K}ins, make sure you pick up the March group gift skin as well. It is every bit as handsome as this one is! Join the group today and pick up this fantastic 13L Anniversary gift. It's only going to be out for a very limited time, so get going and pick this up!

Riler University, it turns out, has temporarily shuttered its windows I am sad to announce. There were some unsavory rumors spread around that it was merely an excuse for me get naked and collect some pocket change. As soon as my legal problems come to an end, I will be back to help you make art all over the place! Believe me, that’s a promise! Until then, take care and see you on the grid!-----WHC Riler

WHC is wearing...


Robe - Gothicatz Logo Black Robe (Free Gift / 0L )

Skin - 7 Deadly S{K}ins ZYON Anniversary Skin Box (13L Gift / 13L / Third Anniversary Gift)
Censored Box - Strange & Beautiful Censored box (Free Gift / 0L / Free Marketplace Item )
Hair - Damselfly Hitch
Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes In Fjord

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to say that while I am rebuilding this page and it's far from ready, something is going on in SL you might want to be aware of. 7 Deadly S{k}ins is celebrating their 3rd anniversary and to mark it they have dropped their group join price down to 13L! It's a bargain if you don't belong and I highly encourage you to consider it. If you do make sure to pick up the March group gift and the 13L Anniversary gift while you are there. I will make a post on this when I have a chance, until then here is your heads up. ;-) ------WHC Riler

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pardon The Dust!

I would like to apologize to everyone for allowing This Scavenging Life to go neglected while I have been blogging for Fab Free. Working for them had always been a dream of mine and the experience has been a great one for me. However there is always something to be said for being able to go to a web page and say "I built that!" and I have always taken pride in the building of this page. I miss that part of blogging a great deal. So it is with a smile that I announce I am pulling This Scavenging Life back out of the attic, dusting it off and revamping it entirely. The new TSL will, as it always had serve the residents of Second Life as a resource for freebies and bargains. My other interests on SL however will now be addressed to some extent. This means the blog may go through some growing pains as it finds it's style again and I hope that you will be patient while it does so. I expect it to be active again in a matter of days and hope that I have been missed here, although I also hope many of you read my entries on Fab Free. I look forward to the challenge of creating this page all over again, and I hope you will join me on this great adventure. ------WHC Riler

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He Shoots, He Scores! (Repost)

(Originally posted to Fab Free 6/29/15)


Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week, I decided to get more exercise, change some of my poor eating habits, and end up with a healthier version of me! Yeah...had you going there a minute, didn't I? LOL! Seriously, my favorite find this week is a very good looking basketball uniform emblazoned with the words "New York" across the front. The hunt prize from the Boom Boom Pow Hunt, The Mensline Mesh Basketball Outfit from KAD Designs is great athletic wear even, if you aren’t a basketball fan. The jersey alone would fit well in an urban street wear outfit, but KAD Designs gives you much more than that! The hunt prize includes the entire uniform right down to the sneakers and socks. In you have no need of active wear, consider this: The outfit has some seriously fun role play potential in the right situations. The Boom Boom Pow hunt ends on the 31st of July, and this gift will set you back 1L. Hurry and grab it, it is a very nice gift.

72815Basketball Blk1

Staying with the basketball theme, earlier today I saw that IAF had set out a goodie bag for us guys with multiple freebies in it. Among the four items in the bag is this basketball jersey with the number "01" on it and with the name "Hustle" on the back. This happens to be perfect for me since "Hustle" happens to be my nickname around the office. (I sold Love's stapler to Pru, then wrapped up Pru's stapler as a gift to Love. I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky kids!) The Jersey is black with silverish gray numbers and accents and would look as great out on the street as it would on a basketball court. One last note, in this very generous FREE gift bag IAF also included some chinos, a sweater, and a wool jacket/shirt combo!

Lastly, my hair is a great FREE group gift from Amacci! Truly one of the best places for men's hair on the grid, I was very pleased to hear they had put a male hair out recently and hurried over. The current FREE group gift is called "Leon" and comes in cinnamon. It is a nice length for guy hair; I call it medium length in my inventory and is a must pick up, since free hair for guys is such a tough find. I don’t know how long this will be out. So, like most of the end of the month items, it is best to run and grab it before it vanishes like the playoff dreams of a basketball team from a certain city that I will not specify.

That’s what I have for you this week. Whether you want to look good hanging out on the corner talking smack to your friends, playing a quick pick up game of basketball, or have an interesting idea for a role play in mind, these items should come in quite handy. Until next week my friends, take care and see you on the grid.-----WHC Riler

WHC is wearing...


New York Uniform - KAD Designs Mensline Mesh Basketball Outfit (1L/Boom Boom Pow Hunt Gift)

Hairbase - Unorthodox Comeback Hairbase
Eyes - IKON IKON Odyssey Eyes - Clarity
Skin - Belleza Mathieu

Black Basketball Jersey - IAF Mens Hustle Jersey (Black and White)  (FREE Gift in Men's Department)
Hair - Amacci Leon - Group Gift in cinnamon (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)
Eyes - IKON IKON Charm Eyes - Brown
Skin - Egoisme Alessandro Pale Brown Hair
Beard - Hot Dive expansion beard 0-2b



Sunday, June 14, 2015

The For Him Hunt Is Ending Soon, Last Chance To Pick Up These Great Items!

whc horr teal 3_001

Hello everyone! I am going to kick off this post with a fantastic shirt I have not previously written up, just pictured on my currently hunting page. The reason I am posting it today is because the For Him hunt ends June 19th and there are several items on this 1L hunt that are notable. So take a few minutes from the other hunt and visit these stores if you like, at 1L per prize they are incredible bargains! The item you will be searching for is a black wrench.

The FHH Avila Shirt is the For Him Hunt gift from Horr Menswear. Personally, I don't wear teal often. In fact, when I see a hunt prize in teal I usually ignore it entirely unless it is fantastic. This shirt easily fits into that category. Click the pic above and you will be in my flicker, click it once more and you can see close up the texture of this Mesh shirt. The soft folds of the material as it is draped over my body look amazingly real. I love the way this shirt looks! It is offered in both Mesh and Fitmesh sizes to ensure a very nice fit. Take a good look at this shirt and decide for yourself, but my advice is run to pick this up before the hunt ends, for 1L you just can't pass it up.

whc hunt 527 2

Another favorite item I picked up from the For Him Hunt was from Barefoot Apparel. It looks so great, I had to join a gym so I could show it off! It is called the Beach Runner Outfit and would look just as great on a morning run by the ocean as it does in the gym. The hoodie is Mesh, and the shorts and bathing suit (also included with the outfit) are on system layers in both wet and dry variations. Since the shorts are not Mesh they will fit under your Mesh hoodies and T-Shirts very nicely. Until now, I had yet to see a workout outfit on my avi that I thought looked “sexy”. I am truly impressed with this gift from Barefoot Apparel.

whc hunt 527 1

Also on the For Him Hunt is the Enoch Shirt in Royale from Vengeful Threads. It has a great, laid back Goth feel, and looks dead sexy on us guys. What I like most about it is the simple, masculine shape of the shirt (no lace, ruffles or excessive folds). With the crosses on the texture beckoning the eye, simplicity in shape was a great decision which results in a garment that I believe is special. I didn’t have to look too far to find really great items to accompany it either. I am also wearing the Gothic Link Bracelet and the Gothic Silver Skull Rings from Exquisite Jewelry. Together for only 1L on the For Him Hunt, they comprise a great gift, especially if you enjoy a gothic style. You can’t tell in my pic, but the Silver Skull Rings look like they could deal some very heavy damage in a fight. I certainly wouldn’t want to be hit with them. These black jeans are part of the Urban Conrad outfit from Pekas. They come with a sweater as well (not pictured) and are another good prize from this hunt. The Conrad Jeans are Mesh and are provided in four sizes, they were just perfect to round out that gothic look I was looking for.

Time is running short tonight, but before I leave you I have to mention the For Him Hunt prize from Felon: the Addiction Long-sleeve T-Shirt. It is a graphic T-Shirt with classic motorcycle/tough guy styling. Worn and old looking, if you look closely it says “Live fast, die last.” You gotta love clothing with attitude, this hunt certainly brought the attitude right to us, and did so for very little money. Have fun, and give hunting a try if you haven’t already, it can be highly rewarding. Til next time, see you on the grid! -----WHC Riler

WHC is wearing...

Beautiful Teal Shirt - Horr Menswear FHH Avila Shirt (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)

Work Out Clothes - Barefoot Apparel Beach Runner Outfit (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)

Eyes (Workout) - Poetic Colors Pearl - Clear Pond Medium Bright (FREE Subscribo Gift)

Hair (Workout) - Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)

Gothic Shirt - Vengeful Threads Enoch Shirt in Royale (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)
Note - While at Vengeful Threads look for the Menstuff prize too, it's also very good.

Gothic Jewelry - Exquisite Jewelry Gothic Link Bracelet and the Gothic Silver Skull Rings (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)
Note- Both items are together in the one box.

Black Jeans - Pekas Urban Conrad Jeans (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)
Note- The hunt prize also includes a sweater.

Biker T-Shirt - Felon Addiction Longsleeves T-Shirt (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)

Eyes (Bottom Pic) - Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes - Tropic

Skin - Belleza Mathieu

Hair (Bottom Pic) - Catwa Mesh Jason V2 Hair (Black)

Tatoo - Aitui - Love Is Blind

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Midnight Mania Alert!


Woohoo! Hey everyone the MM board at Tellaq has another great avatar set on it, this one named Moses. Closing the Tellaq board isn't easy, It takes 500 slaps but is possible to close it. If you see any new male residents around this is definitely a massive upgrade for them, and as for us long time residents, it looks pretty great for us too! Also girls out there, us guys could use a hand closing this the next few days as well. The target is high but the prize is excellent, let's close this thing again. (FREE GROUP IS NEEDED TO SLAP)

Update - Yesterday we closed it and 500 of us got the "Moses" avy from Tellaq! It would be a challenge to close it again tonight but it is probably possible. When you tp in to the store you are probably at the front door, the joiner is right there but a bit dark and not easy to see. Join up and walk straight to the back of the store to find the MM board. ----WHC Riler

MM Eugene Moses 1
Tellaq - MM Board 6/11/2015

When The Judge Is Away... (Menstuff 1 Repost)

(Originally posted to Fab Free 6/3/15)

whc menstuff sfd 1

Not many people know that I am a lawyer. Luckily, even fewer people know I am NOT a lawyer! That's how I got chosen for my own layout in "Hot Lawyers Monthly"! Okay, so maybe I feel a little bad about letting them think I am an attorney, but let's face it: if they were real lawyers, they would be able to tell that I wasn't one. So, I am taking my modeling fee all the way to the bank... or McDonald's if there is a line at the bank. I hate lines.

On the First of June, one of the best male hunts of the year began. The Menstuff Hunt features a one-hundred-store lineup and is on all month long. If you are new to doing store hunts, now is the perfect time to give them a try. I can think of a hundred reasons why you should. The hunt is not free. It is technically a 1L hunt, but the organizers allowed stores the option of not charging for their prizes and more than 2/3 of them are FREE! You are looking for an object shaped like a blue T-Shirt, inside of which your prizes await.

For my hot magazine layout, I wore the Menstuff Hunt Prize from SF Design, the Finsbury Outfit. This one-piece Mesh outfit features the shirt, dress pants and suspenders all together in one garment. It really makes looking good very easy when all the pieces are integrated into one item. It makes dressing a snap! You would think that with those items all put together in one prize, the designer might make compromises along the way, but not SF Design. The shirt is well textured and has realistic buttons. The suspenders seem to be in front of the shirt not painted on it. Last but not least, the pants have a classy pinstripe texture. Quality and convenience, it's all there. Oh, and one last thing... it's FREE!

I wanted a little something extra to help sell the "I know about law stuff" look I was going for and the Menstuff hunt prize from X-Sight was just what I needed. The X-Sight Geek Glasses in Charcoal lend an air of studiousness that normally can only be acquired by, well... studying. Trust me, finding a hunt object in a store is a lot easier than actually studying. They make a fine accessory to complete a variety of outfits and are also generously offered to us for FREE.

whc illi beach 2_001

One of my favorite stores on the grid is Illi. When I heard they were participating in the Menstuff Hunt, I knew that was going to be one of the highlights of the hunt. They did not disappoint me. Their Menstuff Hunt 2015 outfit makes for fantastic beachwear. The Mesh tank top is a style I have never seen before. It hangs loosely and has front pockets like some hoodies I own. It makes for a very interesting variation of a tank top that looks great! The shorts are nicely shaped and highly detailed, right down to the plaid cuffs which are actually held up by a strap and a button. I don't know how often that kind of detail appears in board shorts, but I can tell you it surprised me when I noticed it. The final part of the outfit are the sandals. The ones I am wearing are the classic ones and fit regular avy feet. If you are lucky enough to have Slink feet, The Mesh Project or Aesthetic bodies though, Illi has included versions of them for you in this hunt prize, too! It is an excellent gift and another wonderful FREE gift on the Menstuff hunt.

Male avies always have a problem finding inexpensive hair, and I was very pleased to see that Jaryth's Barber Shop has a very cool hair on the Menstuff hunt. It is the David Mesh Hair and comes with a hud which gives you a choice of five shades of brown. The sides of the head are cut very short and handled with a hairbase. The top is grown out longer and looks just spiky enough to give it a cool, rebellious look. Cool men's hair is a tough find and this one is FREE so it's definitely worth grabbing.

My tattoo is also from the Menstuff hunt. It is the bio mech tattoo from B*FLY Tattoos. It comes in normal and faded ink variations and also has an applier in the gift (if you happen to have a body from The Mesh Project). The design is reminiscent of the kind of artwork H.R. Giger became world renowned for: featuring patterns of what could be bone, muscle and tendons in a beautiful, surrealistic way. I love this style of art and this FREE tat definitely has found a home in my inventory.

The final item on this my first post covering the Menstuff hunt 2015 is the Moonwake necklace from Rebellion. This silver chain is very well detailed, giving it a highly realistic look. The design is definitely masculine, and would look especially great with a street thug kind of look. It is not free, but for only 1L, I absolutely recommend picking it up. Well, that's it everyone, I am gonna settle in for a nice nap on the beach and dream about all the other items I will find on the Menstuff hunt this year. Until next time, see you on the grid! -----WHC Riler

WHC is wearing...

Hot Lawyers Monthly Outfit - SF Design The Finsbury Outfit (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Glasses - X-Sight Geek Glasses in Charcoal (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)

Dress Shoes - Kauna Wingtip Brogues
Hot, Steamy Hair - Argrace Minato (Unisex) (Free Group Gift/ Free Group)

Beachwear - Illi Menstuff Hunt 2015 outfit (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Hair - Jaryth's Barber Shop David Mesh Hair w/hud (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Tatoo - B*FLY Tattoos - The Bio Mech Tattoo (1L/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Necklace - Rebellion The Moonwake Necklace (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)

Eyes (Bottom Pic) - Mayfly Luminous Mesh Eyes In London Fog (FREE Gift)
Skin - Belleza Mathieu

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wading For A Friend.

whc cold3 tsl

I am a sucker for T-Shirts that look soft and well-worn, and this ribbed cotton T-shirt hangs beautifully with soft, realistic folds. It is the Mesh Austin Tee in STEEL BLUE from Cold Ash and it is a fine representation of the quality that goes into the clothing that they make. It comes in a total of 5 sizes and two of those are fitmesh, so it fit my body very well with no fiddling at all. Just pure, easy summer wear. Stop by Cold Ash and pick up this FREE Group Gift, It is extremely well done. Out on the beach I decided to wear the Men's Denim Shorts in Plaid from a store named Trashed. They have an soft, relaxed style that I think compliments the T-Shirt greatly. More than that, the texturing is excellent and it would look great with a lot of other summer clothing. The Trashed Men’s denim shorts in plaid are not free, they are part of the “Just For Him” sales event and will set you back 85L but are well worth it. Also in the beach picture is the cap, which was just one of those lucky finds you sometimes run across accidentally. It is a 1L hunt prize from a hunt which is sadly already over. Luckily, the owner of Ashmoot forgot to pick up the hunt prize! It’s only 1L and the cap matches the T-shirt wonderfully. Sadly I can’t recall the name of the hunt, but you are looking for a hunt object shaped like a mask called “P-H Hunt # 8″. Look for it where you find the daily prize boards. Kristabel Ashmoot promises me she will leave it out until the end of the month so we all have a chance to grab it (a VERY sweet thing to do for us). Lastly, in the second pic is a very grungy pair of jeans, yet another appearance for a FREE Group Gift from Lavarock on my blog. I don't know what it is about their style but it really clicks with me and their group gifts are always of a high quality. For those reasons Lavarock has been the one store I have posted here more any other, I love that place. They are the Destroy Male Jeans and come in 2 styles, with five sizes of each included in the gift. They have a super cool grunge look and fit perfectly with the soft worn feel of the Cold Ash T-Shirt. The only problem is they have been out for quite a while, and at the moment I am unable to say how much longer they will remain available. If you like them in the picture, go get them immediately. I suspect they may not be available much longer. Have fun everyone, see you on the grid.

WHC is wearing...

Vintage Blue T-Shirt - Cold Ash Mesh Austin Tee in Steel Blue (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

Plaid Denim Shorts - Trashed Mens Denim Shorts in Plaid (85L/On sale-Just For Him event)

Grungy Jeans - Lavarock Destroy Male Jeans (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

Ball Cap - Ashmoot> Acc Coll_Unisex Cap #01 (1L/Hunt Prize) Note- The hunt is over but the prize should be out til the end of the month!

Hair Under Cap - From inventory, heavily modded for picture.
Eyes - Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes - Tropic (FREE Gift)
Skin - Belleza Mathieu
Hair - Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

From Farmboy To Pop Icon!

WHC Celise Farm fb1
WHC Farmboy 1

Greetings from the Riler family farm, where we grow all kinds of healthy food that I won't eat. I remember once when I was a young pup and Mom asked me "Why won't you eat fruits and vegetables? There has to be something that we can grow that you’ll eat." Mom stared at me in complete exasperation. That was the day I learned parrots do not grow on trees. Also, I am told if they did, parrot trees would not grow in the Midwest. I have learned a lot about farming since then, most of it from countless hours of playing farmville on facebook.

The most important lesson I learned about farming is: Do not dress like you have just fallen off the turnip truck. (Wait, if you actually did just fall off the turnip truck, you probably are a farmer anyway, so dressing like that is good, too.) My point is, you are going to want to dress the part and the FREE Gingham Hunt Prize from Firelight Creations/MAN STUFF is perfect for that handsome farmhand look. The prize consists of the Leroy mesh shirt in red gingham and the Cole jeans in light blue denim. The shirt is very nicely shaped and, together with the mesh Cole jeans, which I also consider a keeper, this is a very masculine look. MAN STUFF is the division of Firelight Creations we have to thank for this FREE hunt gift, but included in the same box is a matching women's outfit from Firelight Creations. It consists of a matching red gingham top and some extremely short denim shorts. This is a great outfit for all your Daisy Duke fantasies yet still manages to keep it all covered. This hunt prize would be a very good start for a "Country" kind of outfit for club events and sims, as roleplay outfits or even could be part of your regular wardrobe. I may not be the kind of guy suited for farm work, but in this outfit, I could do commercials for brand name soda pop on TV. I could easily imagine myself drinking an ice cold can of pop, condensation dripping down my muscular chest, as my female co-workers in the office break room gawk in silent appreciation. Casual Friday – here I come! Kidding aside, this outfit looks great, and I could seriously sell a ton of pop in this.

WHC is wearing...

Gingham Shirt & Jeans - Firelight Creations/MAN STUFF Leroy Shirt & Cole Jeans  (FREE Gingham Hunt Prize) Note- In the same box is a matching women's outfit.

Necklace - Aitui - Bird Remains Necklace - Dark, Talon (Worn with black T-shirt)
Hair - Truth Ethan (Discontinued)
Hat - The Gentry

Skin - Seven Deadly Skins (7DS) MAY Group Gift (Free Gift/Pay Group) As of right now, the Seven Deadly Skins Group is on sale for 50L so now is a great time to join!
Eyes - Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes - Tropic (FREE Gift)

The Riler family farm pic was taken at Matoluta Sanctuary, a very nice place to visit.