Thursday, June 11, 2015

Midnight Mania Alert!


Woohoo! Hey everyone the MM board at Tellaq has another great avatar set on it, this one named Moses. Closing the Tellaq board isn't easy, It takes 500 slaps but is possible to close it. If you see any new male residents around this is definitely a massive upgrade for them, and as for us long time residents, it looks pretty great for us too! Also girls out there, us guys could use a hand closing this the next few days as well. The target is high but the prize is excellent, let's close this thing again. (FREE GROUP IS NEEDED TO SLAP)

Update - Yesterday we closed it and 500 of us got the "Moses" avy from Tellaq! It would be a challenge to close it again tonight but it is probably possible. When you tp in to the store you are probably at the front door, the joiner is right there but a bit dark and not easy to see. Join up and walk straight to the back of the store to find the MM board. ----WHC Riler

MM Eugene Moses 1
Tellaq - MM Board 6/11/2015

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