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The For Him Hunt Is Ending Soon, Last Chance To Pick Up These Great Items!

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Hello everyone! I am going to kick off this post with a fantastic shirt I have not previously written up, just pictured on my currently hunting page. The reason I am posting it today is because the For Him hunt ends June 19th and there are several items on this 1L hunt that are notable. So take a few minutes from the other hunt and visit these stores if you like, at 1L per prize they are incredible bargains! The item you will be searching for is a black wrench.

The FHH Avila Shirt is the For Him Hunt gift from Horr Menswear. Personally, I don't wear teal often. In fact, when I see a hunt prize in teal I usually ignore it entirely unless it is fantastic. This shirt easily fits into that category. Click the pic above and you will be in my flicker, click it once more and you can see close up the texture of this Mesh shirt. The soft folds of the material as it is draped over my body look amazingly real. I love the way this shirt looks! It is offered in both Mesh and Fitmesh sizes to ensure a very nice fit. Take a good look at this shirt and decide for yourself, but my advice is run to pick this up before the hunt ends, for 1L you just can't pass it up.

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Another favorite item I picked up from the For Him Hunt was from Barefoot Apparel. It looks so great, I had to join a gym so I could show it off! It is called the Beach Runner Outfit and would look just as great on a morning run by the ocean as it does in the gym. The hoodie is Mesh, and the shorts and bathing suit (also included with the outfit) are on system layers in both wet and dry variations. Since the shorts are not Mesh they will fit under your Mesh hoodies and T-Shirts very nicely. Until now, I had yet to see a workout outfit on my avi that I thought looked “sexy”. I am truly impressed with this gift from Barefoot Apparel.

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Also on the For Him Hunt is the Enoch Shirt in Royale from Vengeful Threads. It has a great, laid back Goth feel, and looks dead sexy on us guys. What I like most about it is the simple, masculine shape of the shirt (no lace, ruffles or excessive folds). With the crosses on the texture beckoning the eye, simplicity in shape was a great decision which results in a garment that I believe is special. I didn’t have to look too far to find really great items to accompany it either. I am also wearing the Gothic Link Bracelet and the Gothic Silver Skull Rings from Exquisite Jewelry. Together for only 1L on the For Him Hunt, they comprise a great gift, especially if you enjoy a gothic style. You can’t tell in my pic, but the Silver Skull Rings look like they could deal some very heavy damage in a fight. I certainly wouldn’t want to be hit with them. These black jeans are part of the Urban Conrad outfit from Pekas. They come with a sweater as well (not pictured) and are another good prize from this hunt. The Conrad Jeans are Mesh and are provided in four sizes, they were just perfect to round out that gothic look I was looking for.

Time is running short tonight, but before I leave you I have to mention the For Him Hunt prize from Felon: the Addiction Long-sleeve T-Shirt. It is a graphic T-Shirt with classic motorcycle/tough guy styling. Worn and old looking, if you look closely it says “Live fast, die last.” You gotta love clothing with attitude, this hunt certainly brought the attitude right to us, and did so for very little money. Have fun, and give hunting a try if you haven’t already, it can be highly rewarding. Til next time, see you on the grid! -----WHC Riler

WHC is wearing...

Beautiful Teal Shirt - Horr Menswear FHH Avila Shirt (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)

Work Out Clothes - Barefoot Apparel Beach Runner Outfit (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)

Eyes (Workout) - Poetic Colors Pearl - Clear Pond Medium Bright (FREE Subscribo Gift)

Hair (Workout) - Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)

Gothic Shirt - Vengeful Threads Enoch Shirt in Royale (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)
Note - While at Vengeful Threads look for the Menstuff prize too, it's also very good.

Gothic Jewelry - Exquisite Jewelry Gothic Link Bracelet and the Gothic Silver Skull Rings (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)
Note- Both items are together in the one box.

Black Jeans - Pekas Urban Conrad Jeans (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)
Note- The hunt prize also includes a sweater.

Biker T-Shirt - Felon Addiction Longsleeves T-Shirt (1L/For Him Hunt Prize)

Eyes (Bottom Pic) - Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes - Tropic

Skin - Belleza Mathieu

Hair (Bottom Pic) - Catwa Mesh Jason V2 Hair (Black)

Tatoo - Aitui - Love Is Blind

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