Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Blockbuster!

Many people don't know this about me, but I wrote a movie. It was actually a great idea: I wrote some car crash scenes and gunfights, mixed in some gratuitous sex and it was ready. What made my screenplay brilliant was I left 40 minutes open for a plot to be added later! That way, when they are about to shoot the movie, the producers and directors can look in the newspaper, plug in the most current events, and BAM!!! Instant movie. My friend, RenzoLuna, is going to star in it though because I want to preserve the integrity of my creative process (and because I hate going on diets). The current FREE GROUP GIFT from LAVAROCK is the perfect action movie wear. It's by the same people who gave out a free leather jacket group gift so good that it inspired me to begin blogging. The Militia Vest & Shirt comes in two mesh pieces: the Tshirt and the vest. This gives you the freedom to mix the items with clothing you already have in inventory, creating extra versatility. The textures are extremely detailed and give it a really rough, masculine look and the quality, as usual with a LAVAROCK gift, is excellent! This one is for the tough guys to go get, but please avoid trampling the not-so-tough guys in the process, we bruise easily.-----WHC Riler