Thursday, August 21, 2014

The City Has A Soundtrack

This city has a soundtrack; a beat that lives in the rough concrete walls. That soundtrack thumps through all of us, guiding our movements on these hot summer nights. On a rooftop overlooking the city, RenzoLuna is sporting the "Men's Vest and Shirt In Concord," an exciting THE BLUES hunt gift he picked up at CITRUS. It is a beautifully textured one-piece MESH combo including the tie and costs 5L but the quality is wonderful. This is perfect gear for going out on the town to make a little noise. So here is your chance to add something to the sound of the city: perhaps a vicious stab of horns, a cool loop of guitar, or for some of you maybe a little more cowbell. The point is, make that soundtrack your own and play it loud.-----WHC Riler