Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Low Rumbling Whisper In The Darkness

A low rumbling whisper in the darkness stirs her. The sensual roar of pure power tempts her to lose herself in the heat and fury of the act. This beautifully detailed masculine MESH mask is all about the power and mystique of the unknown. This Twisted Hunt prize (FREE) from ARCADIA is perfect for intimate roleplays or for more public masquerade balls. Some may question the need for a mask when your name is clearly displayed above your head in-world. The mask on SL isn't about concealing who you are; rather, here its about the power that fantasy and imagination have to take over and carry you to unexpected places. There is a small catch though, The Twisted Hunt is widely regarded as the most difficult Hunt on Second Life. It uses decoys and other techniques to make hunting harder than usual. Trust me, this prize is worth the effort! So, set aside a little time and a bit of patience and run over to ARCADIA for this hunt prize. I am told that if you join the twisted group and ask in chat nicely you might receive a little help if you have extreme difficulty finding it on your own. Enjoy the prize once you find it, you will have earned it and It's spectacular!
-----WHC Riler