Saturday, October 11, 2014

Slipping Into Fall.

The weather is changing now in my area of the world. The days become shorter and cooler. It is quite a sight to see, the leaves changing. Soon, it will be time to go up into the mountains and look out over the breathtaking sight of the trees draped in their autumn colors. Of course when you do, here is a little tip from someone who is in awe of such grandeur. STAY IN THE CAR! It's cold out there and utterly miserable. There is no reason at all to leave the comfort of your fossil fuel burning bubble. That's why man invented the window. What I really look forward to more than the turning of the leaves is the change of the monthly LAVAROCK group gift. Once again, it does not disappoint. This time around, they are offering the lito male jacket-2, a beautiful, dark brown, MESH leather jacket. As usual with a LAVAROCK FREE GROUP GIFT, the textures look so soft that they tempt you to touch them. The styling, like all my favorite Second Life clothing, looks like a piece I would own in real life. They have come up with a another gift that became my new favorite jacket the instant I put it on, and the most amazing part is that it's FREE! There is also a monthly gift for women at the store and it is this same jacket in black leather, with a few subtle differences. One difference is the tiny pentagrams on the two lapel buttons, just another small detail on a wonderfully detailed jacket.  Also worth noting is the hair I am wearing. It is the FREE Welcome Gift "MINATO" [male/unisex] from ARGRACE. It comes in a fatpack of 40 colors and is resizeable. This hair was also shown in black on an uncredited Riot Bayn in a previous post entitled "A Low Rumbling Whisper In The Darkness". Given the difficulty in finding freebie/cheapie male hair, it is a definite pick up if you haven't been there already. Also as a bonus for female avies picking up the welcome pack, there is another female hair in it as well. Time to get in the car and do some sightseeing: the leaves are beginning to turn and it really is something to see. Stay warm.-----WHC Riler