Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's Halloween! Soon, that is. It will be Halloween. Coming up. Soon.

Lately, Celise has been pestering me relentlessly. So, I promised I would kick off my Halloween posts with her favorite Halloween costume of 2014. This is the current FREE GROUP GIFT from JAZZITUDE, a lovingly produced tribute to the British television show and international cult phenomenon "Doctor Who". The science fiction show features a time machine/spacecraft called the TARDIS (which is disguised as a police call box). The costume is adorable! One really great advantage is that this costume is appropriate for any sim. Yet, it still looks a little bit sexy to me. Depicted on the dress is the TARDIS and Jazzy, the creator, has included several subtle nods to different seasons of the show as a tribute to the Doctor. This is an incredibly unique costume. If you have any interest in the show at all, I know you will be delighted to have it. Special thanks to The Nag's Head Pub on the Creamy's Spot sim, a beautiful place to have a pint.-----WHC Riler

(On a more personal note to Celise: You are not English, have never been there, and do not have a clue about anything remotely British! You don't need to be English to wear the costume, of course, but stop it with the damned fake accent, it's very annoying!)