Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
- Lao Tzu

In the United States, today is Valentines Day. I tried to research this extensively so I could add some insight into the origin and cultural significance of this holiday, but after reading the Wiki, I said to heck with that and decided to just make stuff up. There is some uncertainty about the origin of the Valentine for which this holiday is named. I think the most likely historical figure was an inventor in the early 1400's who gained some notoriety for developing a new lightweight, easily configurable kind of armor for which late in life he was made a Patron Saint. Not surprisingly, the age of cardboard armor was quite fleeting as it offered little protection from swords, arrows, rain and even candles. To this day however, we honor Saint Valentine the Patron Saint of Dubious Armor by sending messages to our loved ones on thin pieces of decorated cardboard. In the United States our modern Valentines Day tradition began in 1912 when the President signed the great holiday compromise bill into law. Frustration American women felt when earlier in the month they were traditionally given groundhogs as tokens of their lover's affection had finally boiled over and the government was forced to intervene. As the result, Valentines Day was created for gift giving, and the groundhog, once nearly as popular as the Chihuahua in American households, fell in stature to it's current position, slightly more popular than a television weather man. LAVAROCK has once again made it's way onto my blog with their FREE group gift, a black very nicely textured casual shirt which buttons up the front. It has a leathery texture and is emblazoned in back with a dark gray tribal heart design that is tastefully done. As always with a Lavarock gift you get great texturing and detailing including stitching and realistic metallic buttons. A note to some of my more conservative friends, the buttons do have tiny non-inverted pentagrams on them in case it matters. It's a very nice shirt and the perfect excuse for me to pop on and wish everyone a happy Valentines Day. Take care and spread some love on the grid today.-----WHC Riler