Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Logo-verkill Or Incredible Free Boots?

Hello fellow Scavengers, I have a very short and simple post today. Recently, a store called ODDITY popped up on my radar with a fantastic FREE group gift. It has been out for a while so if you are interested in having a very nice, highly detailed set of boots you are going to want to run there. The boots are leather textured MESH and come in black and brown with options for light or dark detailing changed via a hud. The hud is super easy to use and very well thought out, I was impressed. They are probably the best free boots I have ever laid my hands on but there is a minor problem. Oddity has rather liberally marked them with the name of their store, something which most times would mean I would not consider the item for posting. That is a personal policy of mine in general but this item was so good, I was forced to override that policy. You can see from the picture the embossed leather company name is large but somewhat subtle and the other logos are not obtrusive. Factoring in how I feel about the branding on these boots, they are still "The best free boots I have found"! That should tell you something about how highly I rate them and the quality of the items at Oddity in general. They are likely only going to be out for a limited time so if you like the pic, go grab them and give them a fair look. I bet most of you are going to love them. See you on the grid!-----WHC Riler