Sunday, May 17, 2015

From Farmboy To Pop Icon!

WHC Celise Farm fb1
WHC Farmboy 1

Greetings from the Riler family farm, where we grow all kinds of healthy food that I won't eat. I remember once when I was a young pup and Mom asked me "Why won't you eat fruits and vegetables? There has to be something that we can grow that you’ll eat." Mom stared at me in complete exasperation. That was the day I learned parrots do not grow on trees. Also, I am told if they did, parrot trees would not grow in the Midwest. I have learned a lot about farming since then, most of it from countless hours of playing farmville on facebook.

The most important lesson I learned about farming is: Do not dress like you have just fallen off the turnip truck. (Wait, if you actually did just fall off the turnip truck, you probably are a farmer anyway, so dressing like that is good, too.) My point is, you are going to want to dress the part and the FREE Gingham Hunt Prize from Firelight Creations/MAN STUFF is perfect for that handsome farmhand look. The prize consists of the Leroy mesh shirt in red gingham and the Cole jeans in light blue denim. The shirt is very nicely shaped and, together with the mesh Cole jeans, which I also consider a keeper, this is a very masculine look. MAN STUFF is the division of Firelight Creations we have to thank for this FREE hunt gift, but included in the same box is a matching women's outfit from Firelight Creations. It consists of a matching red gingham top and some extremely short denim shorts. This is a great outfit for all your Daisy Duke fantasies yet still manages to keep it all covered. This hunt prize would be a very good start for a "Country" kind of outfit for club events and sims, as roleplay outfits or even could be part of your regular wardrobe. I may not be the kind of guy suited for farm work, but in this outfit, I could do commercials for brand name soda pop on TV. I could easily imagine myself drinking an ice cold can of pop, condensation dripping down my muscular chest, as my female co-workers in the office break room gawk in silent appreciation. Casual Friday – here I come! Kidding aside, this outfit looks great, and I could seriously sell a ton of pop in this.

WHC is wearing...

Gingham Shirt & Jeans - Firelight Creations/MAN STUFF Leroy Shirt & Cole Jeans  (FREE Gingham Hunt Prize) Note- In the same box is a matching women's outfit.

Necklace - Aitui - Bird Remains Necklace - Dark, Talon (Worn with black T-shirt)
Hair - Truth Ethan (Discontinued)
Hat - The Gentry

Skin - Seven Deadly Skins (7DS) MAY Group Gift (Free Gift/Pay Group) As of right now, the Seven Deadly Skins Group is on sale for 50L so now is a great time to join!
Eyes - Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes - Tropic (FREE Gift)

The Riler family farm pic was taken at Matoluta Sanctuary, a very nice place to visit.