Friday, May 22, 2015

Wading For A Friend.

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I am a sucker for T-Shirts that look soft and well-worn, and this ribbed cotton T-shirt hangs beautifully with soft, realistic folds. It is the Mesh Austin Tee in STEEL BLUE from Cold Ash and it is a fine representation of the quality that goes into the clothing that they make. It comes in a total of 5 sizes and two of those are fitmesh, so it fit my body very well with no fiddling at all. Just pure, easy summer wear. Stop by Cold Ash and pick up this FREE Group Gift, It is extremely well done. Out on the beach I decided to wear the Men's Denim Shorts in Plaid from a store named Trashed. They have an soft, relaxed style that I think compliments the T-Shirt greatly. More than that, the texturing is excellent and it would look great with a lot of other summer clothing. The Trashed Men’s denim shorts in plaid are not free, they are part of the “Just For Him” sales event and will set you back 85L but are well worth it. Also in the beach picture is the cap, which was just one of those lucky finds you sometimes run across accidentally. It is a 1L hunt prize from a hunt which is sadly already over. Luckily, the owner of Ashmoot forgot to pick up the hunt prize! It’s only 1L and the cap matches the T-shirt wonderfully. Sadly I can’t recall the name of the hunt, but you are looking for a hunt object shaped like a mask called “P-H Hunt # 8″. Look for it where you find the daily prize boards. Kristabel Ashmoot promises me she will leave it out until the end of the month so we all have a chance to grab it (a VERY sweet thing to do for us). Lastly, in the second pic is a very grungy pair of jeans, yet another appearance for a FREE Group Gift from Lavarock on my blog. I don't know what it is about their style but it really clicks with me and their group gifts are always of a high quality. For those reasons Lavarock has been the one store I have posted here more any other, I love that place. They are the Destroy Male Jeans and come in 2 styles, with five sizes of each included in the gift. They have a super cool grunge look and fit perfectly with the soft worn feel of the Cold Ash T-Shirt. The only problem is they have been out for quite a while, and at the moment I am unable to say how much longer they will remain available. If you like them in the picture, go get them immediately. I suspect they may not be available much longer. Have fun everyone, see you on the grid.

WHC is wearing...

Vintage Blue T-Shirt - Cold Ash Mesh Austin Tee in Steel Blue (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

Plaid Denim Shorts - Trashed Mens Denim Shorts in Plaid (85L/On sale-Just For Him event)

Grungy Jeans - Lavarock Destroy Male Jeans (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

Ball Cap - Ashmoot> Acc Coll_Unisex Cap #01 (1L/Hunt Prize) Note- The hunt is over but the prize should be out til the end of the month!

Hair Under Cap - From inventory, heavily modded for picture.
Eyes - Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes - Tropic (FREE Gift)
Skin - Belleza Mathieu
Hair - Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)

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