Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oh Carami!

whc subway final 1

In my first life, I am a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. There are a lot of us out there and this FREE Thank You Gift from Carami is perfect for us. It is the Trenton Tee and it comes in a set of five solid dark colors, changeable via hud. This is far more than just a basic mesh T-shirt, this FREE Gift is much more generous than that. The Trenton Tee comes in four variations; tucked, untucked, normal bottom untucked, and narrow bottom untucked. With choices like that and in five sizes, getting a great fit should not be hard at all. It comes with a sixth bonus texture that isn't on the hud. That bonus texture is the one I am wearing above, a very casual retro looking print T-shirt. Just take care to make a backup copy of the print tee, because once you change it using the hud, it is replaced with the color you chose. In short, FREE Gift from Carami is giving you a great basic dark T-shirt in five colors and sizes and in 4 variations plus a bonus printed T-shirt design! You can't beat this kind of a thank you gift, thank you very much FREE Gift from Carami!

The skin I am wearing is from Seven Deadly Skins. It is the free group gift for May and looks fantastic, I like it so much you will probably be seeing me in it often in the coming weeks. Seven Deadly Skins is a pay group, but the quality of their skins is excellent and the gifts and specials make it well worth joining. As of this moment the group is currently on sale for 50L and is a great pick up for both male and female avies.

One last thing in this entry to talk about, I am wearing a fantastic set of eyes from Poetic Colors. The Spotted Eyes in Tropic are a FREE Gift and are very well done. They are multi-colored and really should be seen to appreciate how great they look. On my avy in varying windlight settings, they appear somewhere between a lavender and light gray, but have some aqua and blue in them, you really should take a look yourself, they are pretty special. While at Poetic Colors also join the subscribo and you will receive another FREE Gift, the Pearl Eyes in Clear Pond. It is definitely worth the trip if you have not gone yet. Until next time everyone, have fun and see you on the grid. -----WHC Riler

WHC is wearing...

T-shirt - Carami Thank You Gift  (FREE Gift/ 0L)

Skin - Seven Deadly Skins (7DS) MAY Group Gift (Free Gift/Pay Group) As of right now, the Seven Deadly Skins Group is on sale for 50L so now is a great time to join!

Eyes - Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes - Tropic (FREE Gift)
Note- Also hit the Subscribo for another FREE Gift, the Pearl Eyes in Clear Pond!

Jeans - Carami Ruffalo Jeans 
Hair - Argrace Akira in Ash Black